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Solving the Puzzle

Financial Planning and investing is as unique and original to each individual or family unit as the members of that family itself. Every plan is tailored to different hopes, dreams, aspirations, and goals. At JRB Advisor Group, we like to look at each plan as a large puzzle. We come to the table with clients that bring all of the pieces of the puzzle available at the time. Together we assemble a puzzle that will achieve the goals we have already set forth through previous discussions. These puzzle pieces vary but often include retirement accounts, life insurance, savings and checking accounts, and maybe some other assets. Inevitably the pieces change at some point, maybe it’s a marriage or a birth, possibly a death, inheritance, or divorce, sometimes a job change or promotion. Whatever the case may be, we reconvene regularly to take the puzzle apart and add the new pieces, remove the old pieces, or to confirm that the original puzzle is still set to reach our goals. Financial Planning can be fluid, but there is a plan….and that plan can change as deemed by the client or their circumstances.

What We Do

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Have you recently changed jobs or had a life change? You may need to transfer your assets from one retirement plan to another. We help with IRAs and 401-K rollovers to secure your retirement savings.

Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement is of utmost importance to many investors. We help you determine your specific retirement income goals and plan the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals.


You may need some guidance in diversifying your portfolio with a selection of investments. We review stocks, EFTs, and mutual funds to select quality options for your investment opportunities.

Financial Planning

Our experts assist in determining how to achieve your strategic goals and objectives and the timeframe for being successful at reaching these financial goals.

Estate Planning

Be prepared for tomorrow by planning today. We can help you anticipate arrangements for the management and disposal of your estate while living and after death in the most efficient way.

Tax Planning

We analyze your financial situation from a tax perspective to ensure all elements of the financial plan work together in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

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